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£3bn BT and BSkyB Deal Keeps the Premier League 'Bubble' Growing

footballEvery so often predictions are made that the Premier League ‘bubble’ has burst, but the financial success of the Premiership is very much driven by its television deals and the latest one exceeds all expectations. Many analysts thought that there would be a above inflation increase, but not of this magnitude.

Whether the money will be well spent remains to be seen. It could just inflate players’ wages even further and result in bigger commissions for agents. But UEFA’s financial fair play regulations loom in the background with the threat of exclusion from the riches and prestige of the Champions League.

The deal represents a significant breakthrough for BT and should enable them to win new customers for their broadband service, not least the new and faster Infinity version now being rolled out.

Professor Wyn Grant is a football finance expert in the Department of Politics and International Studies.

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