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Sarkozy's political future 'very bleak', says Dr David Lees

There is long road ahead for Sarkozy to avoid time in prison and follow the example of France’s wartime leader Philippe Pétain, says Dr David Lees of the University of Warwick's Department of French Studies, after he was found guilty in corruption trial.

Mon 01 Mar 2021, 14:25 | Tags: French Studies

Valery Giscard d’Estaing: Dr David Lees comments on a 'modernising if controversial' President of France

Dr David Lees from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures comments on news reports that former president of France Valery Giscard d’Estaing has died.

The damage has already been done for François Fillon - Dr David Lees comments

Dr David Lees, expert in French politics from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, discusses Former French Prime Minister François Fillon’s appearance in court for his role in a "fake jobs" scandal.

Wed 26 Feb 2020, 10:47 | Tags: Politics, French Studies, France

The latest in the French protests, will punishment work? Expert comment

Dr Alex Corcos from the department of French Studies comments on the latest on the protests in France. As PM Edouard Philippe has announced plans to punish those who hold unsanctioned protests following the weeks of unrest caused by the Yellow Vest movement.

Tue 08 Jan 2019, 14:37 | Tags: French Studies, France

Macron and the violent protests in France - expert comment

Dr Oliver Davis, Reader in French Studies at the University of Warwick comments on President Macron's approach to the 'yellow vest' protests.

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