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Prof Wyn Grant: younger farmers innovative and environmentally conscious

It was reported today that the UK government will pay older farmers to retire, in an effort to bring new blood to the industry. Read the story on BBC News here. Professor Wyn Grant, who has expertise in agricultural policy, offers his comment.

Wed 19 May 2021, 11:17 | Tags: Economics, Agriculture

2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Warwick scientists explain Crispr-Cas9

This week, it was reported that the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna for their work on the technology of genome editing -- more specifically, Crispr-Cas9. (See story on BBC News).

Scientists at the University of Warwick who also research Crispr-Cas9 explain what it is, and discuss its significance in our lives.

Expert comment on new research into insect numbers

"The finding that the trends in spatiotemporal patterns of insect abundance are more nuanced than previously suggested provides some hope that if we can understand better the requirements of species and have the will to ‘make space for nature’ then we can make a positive difference." Professor Rosemary Collier comments on new research into the so-called "insect apocalypse."

Dr Rosemary Collier: “Heatwave is affecting all sectors of agriculture”

With Britain in the grip of a heatwave, Dr Rosemary Collier, expert in agriculture and horticulture, comments on the impact that this prolonged period of hot, dry weather will have upon agriculture.