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Killing of General Soleimani - a legal perspective

"If we are interested in the de-escalation of the situation, then we must put forward the possibilities for peaceful settlement which international law has to offer. " Dr Christine Schwobel-Patel, Associate Professor in Warwick Law School, sets out the tests that international law applies to the right of self-defence for states, and the potential consequences of claiming this right.

Tue 07 Jan 2020, 11:10 | Tags: United States, Expert comment, Current Affairs, Iraq, Law, Iran

The Countering Violent Extremism Conference: Obama Fiddles whilst Rome Burns

"Over the last six months, the Obama administration has moved through all the expected stages of a war on terror."

Dr Oz Hassan from the University of Warwick Politics and International Studies department shares thoughts on the latest events in US politics.


Foreign Secretary downplays threat: Iraq, ISIS and the UK

When the Foreign Secretary spoke in the House of Commons about events in Iraq he restated the UK government’s estimate that 400 British citizens have been active in the war in Syria, and therefore the assumption is that some of these individuals will be fighting with ISIS in Iraq. Whilst this figure may be surprising to many, it actually downplays the nature and scale of the threat faced by the UK and the challenges it poses to the UK’s security services.

Tue 17 Jun 2014, 09:19 | Tags: Current Affairs, Terrorism, Middle East, Iraq