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Contest for the Democratic Party nomination for President is really the one to watch

Dr Alexander Smith of the University of Warwick's Sociology department is available to comment on the results of the Iowa caucus as Ted Cruz snatched a lead over Donald Trump yesterday. He said,

'The Iowa caucuses have proven that candidates running for both the Republican and Democratic Party Presidential nominations must brace themselves for a long and bruising primary campaign. Ted Cruz may have snatched a lead over Donald Trump yesterday but with only 28% of Republican voters backing him, he can hardly claim a wide mandate ahead of the New Hampshire poll in a few days' time. The GOP is as divided as ever and it will prove challenging for any candidate to pitch a 'Big Tent' and win support across ideological and factional lines. Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party caucus, Bernie Sanders performed strongly, almost tying with Hilary Clinton with roughly 50% of the vote each. This will sound an ominous warning for Clinton, who is desperate to avoid a repeat of the 2008 primary, which she slugged out for several months before losing to Barack Obama. While all eyes have so far been on the ideological train wreck that is the Republican Party, last night's results show that the contest for the Democratic Party nomination for President is really the one to watch.'

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