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COP 26: Gender and sustainability - expert comment

Professor Shirin Rai, Professor of International Political Economy, Fellow of the British Academy and Director of the Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID), comments today on how interlinked sustainability and gender are:-

"Sustainability is gendered. Women continue to be responsible for the care of the household. The crisis of climate change makes for a crisis of social reproduction, which adversely affects women as they try and meet the everyday needs of the family. While SDGs include gender equality as a goal, the gender-environment nexus is not sufficiently present in the SDG framework.

"The struggles for resisting climate change are being fought on the ground by women as they oppose mining and extractive industries as well as campaign for cleaner air and water for their communities. By focusing on gender as a key issue for sustainability, we can support these struggles and ensure that macrolevel analyses translate as sustainability policies on the ground."

9 November 2021