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Dr Christopher Strelluf on the Collins Dictionary 2018 word of the year

Dr Christopher Strelluf expert in linguistics, comments on the Collins Word of the Year List 2018, which includes the words ‘single-use’, ‘gammon’ and ‘gaslight’.

“Word-of-the-year lists are a fun annual tradition that allows us to look back on the year through the window of language. The Collins Dictionary 2018 choice, single-use, reflects increased political and media attention to environmental issues caused by consumerism. But the word single-use also reflects the creativity and functionality of English grammar, which allows us to combine the adjective single and the noun use into a new compound. Time will tell if the adjective single-use is as enduring as the single-use plastics that we talked about in 2018.”

Peter Thorley, Media Relations Manager - University of Warwick


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