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Dr Fabio Camilletti describes phantasmagoria in BBC History Online

PhanrtasDr Fabio Camilletti, Associate Professor in Italian Studies has been researching phantasmagoria, the most popular form of visual entertainment that existed before cinema. This lost art specialised in thrilling audiences with macabre illusions created through trickery and science.

Writing for History Extra, Fabio Camilletti explores the phenomenon that transfixed audiences in the 18th and 19th centuries and influenced much of the Gothic fiction of the time…

Read more in BBC History Online.

For those interested in learning more about the art of illusion, Dr Camilletti has organised a programme of events at the University of Warwick running from 5 to 12 May 2017, 'Mesmerized!' The events will explore themes of deception, belief, and enchantment. They aim to bring together Warwick researchers and to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange.

To attend booking is essential, please contact Fabio by email:



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