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Election confusion in Honduras: Expert comment from Dr Tom Long

Tom LongWith votes still being counted, both Juan Orlando Hernandez and Salvador Nasralla have claimed victory in the Honduras presidential election. Dr Tom Long, Assistant Professor in New Rising World Powers, comments on the poll.

Dr Long said: "Tensions are rising in Honduras as the results of Sunday's elections remain uncertain and are increasingly disputed.

"At the heart of the problem is a deep public distrust of the country's political institutions and a tension between conservatives and leftists dating back to the country's 2009 coup.

"Incumbent candidate President Juan Orlando Hernández is seeking to extend his time in office after a recent, controversial change to the ban on re-election. To many people's surprise, socialist challenger and political newcomer Salvador Nasralla emerged with the lead in early vote counting.

"Shortly after that announcement, the country's national electoral authority temporarily suspended tallying, blaming technical problems. In later counts, Nasralla's lead has evaporated, and the challenger is alleging fraud.

"Many of his followers believe him and would see a victory for Hernández as a farce. Results could be released Thursday night, but that's not likely to resolve the contest."

30 November 2017


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