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French studies department delivers exciting political commentary

  • david_lees_4.jpgWarwick has a small number of places available in clearing in the French Studies Department in 2016. Our clearing hotline number is 024 7653 3544 and it will open at 8am on Thursday 18th August.

Over the last year Dr David Lees, Teaching Fellow in French Studies has established himself as the go-to spokesperson on French political issues. He’s been featured in broadcast media on Sky News, France 24 and BBC radio. He’s also written articles for publications such as The Express, Newsweek and the Conversation.

Writing for Newsweek recently about the upcoming French elections Dr Lees said:

"The long relationship between France and its European neighbours may well prove one of many key battle lines ahead of the 2017 presidential elections and Hollande hopes to appear to be a driving force in the leadership of Europe."

Sky News - University of Warwick - Dr David Lees - French regional elections - 7 December 2015

Dr David Lees of the University of Warwick's Centre for Modern Languages French studies department talks to Sky News about the outcome of the first round of French regional elections:

The Express:

How Paris attacks could boost support for Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National

THE Paris terror attacks and Europe’s escalating migrant crisis may have boosted support for France's far-right Front National (FN) party.


Now French voters call for FREXIT after Germany face demands for EU referendum

More than half of French voters want their own in-out referendum on European Union (EU) membership, renewing fears in Brussels that a Brexit could topple the 28-country bloc.


A Speedy Brexit is Francois Hollande's Last Political Hope

The French president wants to avoid calls for a French referendum on EU membership.

The Conversation:

Why a speedy Brexit is a matter of political life and death for François Hollande

Britain might want to play nice and exit calmly, but the French president must avoid giving ammunition to Frexiters.

Panama Papers will do little to dent the electoral ambitions of Le Pen and FN

Sweeping changes to employment law are of far greater concern than allegations that the Front National has been avoiding tax.

Shoestring surveillance and a shattered social model – latest France attack puts Hollande in a bind

Cuts to surveillance and questions about French values were problem even before the attack near Lyon.

Honouring Resistance heroes won’t salvage Hollande’s legacy

When he interred four anti-racist and secularist icons in Paris's Panthéon, François Hollande perhaps hoped some of their legacy would rub off on him.

10 August 2016


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