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The influence of Professor Stephen Hawking - Dr George Knee comments

George KneeDr George Knee, a theoretical quantum physicist talks about the influence of Professor Stephen Hawking.

"Professor Hawking was an inspiration to me as a high school student, through his appearances on TV documentaries about physics. I have no doubt that his ability as a science communicator was a major influence on my pursuing a career in quantum physics. That is to say nothing at all about the important contributions he made to cosmology, nor of his amazing achievements overcoming motor-neurone disease.

"It is staggering to think of the impact he has had on theoretical physics — for example on our understanding of the nature of black holes and the theoretical interplay of general relativity and quantum theory — without being able to articulate those stellar ideas via the conventional methods of natural speech or writing on a blackboard.

"A true inspiration to scientists and non-scientists alike."

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