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Tobacco giant Philip Morris funds anti-smoking ad - expert comment

A four-page ad promoting a new anti-smoking campaign has been funded by Philip Morris. The company says it is "an important next step" in its aim to stop selling cigarettes. Cancer Research UK said a better option would be for the company to just stop making them.

Dr Oyinlola Oyebode from Warwick Medical School says:

“I would be very suspicious of this move by Philip Morris – after all, they are motivated by profit. In the past tobacco companies, including Philip Morris, previously sponsored anti-smoking programmes for children which were ineffective or even did more harm than good (see here).

"If Tobacco companies wanted to help people to quit they could support measures that we know work. Instead Philip Morris and other Tobacco companies have opposed evidence-based policies and interventions that would actually decrease the number of people in-slave to tobacco, both here and abroad.”

22 October 2018


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