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UK Shale Gas Exploration

elmes2.jpgWarwick Business School Professor David Elmes has 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry and now teaches MBA students on the subject.

Professor David Elmes said: "It is true that shale gas production in the US has increased dramatically over the past few years and the resulting low gas prices have helped US industry and consumers. But not all the reasons why shale gas expanded so rapidly in the US can be expected to apply here in the UK.

"How much shale gas can be commercially produced in the UK in ways that are seen as environmentally and socially acceptable is one of the big unknowns we face as a country when considering future energy supplies. Nevertheless, it is still encouraging that firms like IGas are prepared to state the potential they see and invest in a programme of drilling to more accurately confirm the amount of gas they see as commercially viable. It is also good to see such investments still being made after tighter environmental controls were announced by the Government last December.

"Shale gas in the UK remains both exciting and controversial because we simply do not know what supplies it offers and at what price, both financially and socially."

If you would like to contact Professor Elmes, please call Ashley Potter, Press and PR Officer, Warwick Business School,, 024 765 73967