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Good jobs and why they matter

Good jobs are not a pick ‘n’ mix option - they should be hardwired into the UK economy, explains Professor Chris Warhurst, from the University of Warwick's Institute for Employment Research.

A nudge in the right direction for the environment

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our present time. Whilst the world’s leaders are gathering in the UK to reassert their commitment to tackle climate change at COP26, the need for action has never been greater. But how do we get people to engage at an individual level asks Dr Lory Barile an expert in nudge theory from Warwick’s Department of Economics.

Wed 10 Nov 2021, 15:56 | Tags: Politics Business & Economy Psychology Economics

What is the Energy Trilema and how could it help form policy that will insulate the UK from future energy disruption?

If we are to take action that will avoid future energy crises, then we need to examine UK energy policy through the lens of the Energy Trilemma, says Dr Jonathan Clarke from the University of Warwick’s Centre for Global Sustainable Development.

Gas price spike: how UK government failures made a global crisis worse

Concerns are growing about the security of winter gas supplies, and industries reliant on gas, such as the fertiliser industry, are curtailing production, threatening various supply chains. Professor Michael Bradshaw from Warwick Business School explains.

Religion and the Census

Are you considering recording your religion as Jedi, heavy metal or climate-concerned on census day? Before you do, consider why the census asks the religion question and the value of the data for society.

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we talk to four members of our research community about their experiences growing up, their ambitions, experiences and advice for other women.

Government should be up front about trade-offs behind new social distancing measures

If it really were true that reduced social-distance measures can give the UK all the expected economic and social benefits without raising the risks, why weren’t they introduced weeks ago, asks Professor Graham Loomes from WBS.

Coronavirus treatments – the opportunities and challenges of using existing drugs

Life in lockdown may not last forever but Bill Gates is probably right in saying we will not return to normal until a vaccine has been rolled out worldwide. This could be many months, if not years away. In the meantime, we provide supportive treatment to the most severely affected patients and look into our arsenal of existing drugs to treat COVID-19, explains Dr Ayfer Ali from WBS.

Wed 29 Apr 2020, 17:06 | Tags: Public Health Innovation Patient Care Business & Economy

Coronavirus exit strategy: why ‘low risk’ millennials should be released from lockdown first

Millennials who do not live with their parents should be the first people released from the UK coronavirus lockdown according to research by two Warwick academics.

The War on COVID–19: Lessons from Wartime

Is the war on COVID-19 really like World War II? Mark Harrison, Professor of economics and expert on Russia and the Soviet bloc during the war years reflects on this comparison is an exert from his latest blog.

Thu 16 Apr 2020, 16:40 | Tags: Business & Economy History Economics

Coronavirus: location-tracking apps could stop the disease – here’s how

New research suggests that using an app to track people’s movements and identify and isolate anyone who has come into contact with an infected person could be critical in avoiding or leaving lockdown, writes Professor Eivor Oborn from WBS.