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From Screen to School: Lord Puttnam Tells his own Epic Tale

Originally Published 03 March 2002

Ten years in advertising, followed by 30 years as an independent (and Oscar-winning) film producer of classics such as Chariots of Fire and The Killing Fields, is not what one might consider a traditional route into education. On Thursday 14 February, Lord Puttnam visited the University to tell the tale of his journey from screen to school and what motivated him to make the change. The lecture formed part of the longstanding Speakers' Corner series, run jointly by Warwick, Coventry University and the Cathedral.

Lord Puttnam spoke of the responsibility of film-makers as the purveyors of the "one international language" and its similarity with teaching in its capacity to shape minds.

  • Why hasn't the technology employed in film-making further developed teaching methods yet?
  • How does film/education help us understand society?
  • How can actors help teachers in schools facing difficulties retaining students?
  •  What is the responsibility of parents' in their children's education?

Just some of the questions posed and answered by Lord Puttnam.

From Screen to School: Lord Puttnam Tells his own Epic Tale
Lord Puttnam speaking to an audience at Warwick
'From Screen to School': lecture transcript 'From Screen to School': lecture transcript