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September Open Days

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Warwick Open Day
Originally Published 15 October 2002

For the first time the University held two, rather than one, autumn Open Days on 25 and 26th September. For many applicants and their families the Open Day is the first time that a student comes into contact with the University and the experience creates a strong impression of what it is like to be a student living and studying here at Warwick. Each year applicants consistently state that their experience at the Open Day was a major factor in their decision to apply to Warwick and it is not expected that this year will be any different.

Approximately 11,000 students, parents and teachers visited the campus over the two days in order to find out more about what Warwick has to offer. Visitors were invited to attend both subject related and general information sessions, on topics including Student Finance, Accommodation, the Students' Union, UCAS Success and the International Office. As always, the vast majority of feedback from the day was positive, praising the efforts of staff and students in academic departments, the Warwick Welcome Student Ambassadors, the Students? Union and other support staff.

Over the coming months work will be undertaken with departments to evaluate what is offered to visitors on Open Days to ensure that Warwick is best able to compete for the highest quality students in what is becoming an increasingly competitive recruitment process. If you have any feedback on the Open Day, please email

In the next issue...

During the autumn term the University will be implementing a major change in the way that its student recruitment and admissions activities are managed. The new unified Student Recruitment and Admissions Office (SRAO) will be responsible for all UK/EU student recruitment. Working closely with the Graduate School and the International Office, the SRAO will also be responsible for student admissions from the UK, EU and overseas. This is an important and exciting change and will enable the University to ensure that it is offering the best possible service to its enquirers and applicants. More information about the change will be included in the next issue of CommUnicate.