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Virtual Mead - memories and reflections on campus artworks

Meet a Warwick alumnus, anywhere in the world, and you're conversation will inevitably turn to the essential characteristics of this place, the things that everyone who has worked or studied here knows and (in one way or another) loves: the bar formerly known as the Airport, Sunday morning hang-over recovery on the banks of Tocil Lake....

....and of course, the strange, beautiful, evocative, controversial and above all MEMORABLE artworks that surround us all of the time.

Now, as part of an exciting new collaboration between the Mead Gallery and the IT Services e-lab, we want to know about your experiences of the artworks on campus:

  • How have you been affected or inspired by an artwork on campus?
  • Does a specific artwork play a part in a memory of life at Warwick that is significant to you?
  • Do you have an interesting opinion about an artwork that you encounter on a daily basis?
  • Can you tell an interesting tale involving a sculpture on campus?

Describe your experiences in an email to the Virtual Mead project manager, Robert O'Toole at

More about the Virtual Mead project
Established in 1966, the aim of the University collection was to give students, staff and visitors daily encounters with contemporary art. The 751 paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and ceramics are now managed by the Mead Gallery, under the curatorial direction of Sarah Shalgosky. Much of the collection is still distributed around the campus, ensuring that we have the experience of being in an artistic environment. However to compliment this, the AHRB funded Virtual Mead project is planning to develop an online gallery that will present all of the works in one place for the first time, along with tools for using the collection in teaching, artistic practice, and just for pure enjoyment. For more information, see the project website at