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Higher Education Foundation Programme Awards

Naa Kwama Mansa Williams with Jim Rushton, Deputy Registrar
Naa Kwama Mansa Williams
with Jim Rushton
Originally published 23 June 2003

On Friday 6 June the International Office held its Higher Education Foundation Programme (HEFP) Awards Night. The event was held to recognise students who performed exceptionally well this academic year.

Award Winners

Naa Kwama Mansa Williams, pictured with Jim Rushton, Deputy Registrar, was among the winners. She was awarded the HEFP certificate for progress in Business Studies.

Many HEFP students attended the evening to show support for their colleagues.

What is HEFP?

The Higher Education Foundation Programme is an initiative run by the International Office to prepare students for life and study at a UK University. The HEFP is designed for students who wish to take a Bachelor Degree (BA, BSc, LLB or BEng/MEng) in the UK, often for a course with very competitive entry grades. Students may have a school leaving qualification that is not always recognised for direct entry to UK degree courses.

HEFP runs four specialised courses: students can choose from Law, Business Studies, Social Science and Science & Engineering. Partner institutions providing these courses include Stratford-upon-Avon College, Warwickshire College and Solihull College. Throughout the year students receive expert advice about the universities they can choose after the course.

For more information on the Higher Education Foundation Programme see or contact the Programme Manager Helen Johnson on

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