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Exercise for the Unco-ordinated

Group Rowing
Group Rowing
Originally published 4 August 2003

Summer is well upon us, the new fitness facilities are open on campus and the excuses not to exercise are wearing a little thin. The delay tactics are no longer convincing, and the new Summer Vacation Sports Course Programme is offering courses for everybody, even those of us with two left feet.

Take Group Rowing, for example. Due to the lack of complicated choreography, these classes are ideal for those who shy away from conventional exercise to music for fear of being left behind. You achieve a full cardiovascular workout without the impact, complexity or potential embarrassment of some other exercise classes.

Group Rowing offers total body exercise, suitable for a wide range of sizes and levels of fitness. The nature of the machine's resistance (air) is such that each participant can pull as hard as they wish, while staying in time with the rest of the class. Rowing involves all the major muscle groups of the body, both strengthening and promoting flexibility.

If you are beginning a fitness program, resuming after a break or if you are just looking for an alternative to your usual gym sessions, then why not incorporate a group rowing class into your training week? Classes take place in the new fitness suite every Saturday 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. throughout the summer vacation.

If you want to find out more about Group Rowing or other fitness classes available at the University, please contact Kathryn Cooke ( Ext: 74599