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University's 3D reconstruction of the Theatre of Pompey used in Channel 5 documentary

Originally Published 07 March 2003

Viewers of the Channel 5 documentary "Who killed Julius Caesar", going out at 9 pm on Monday 24 March 2003, will be able to watch as modern day crime investigation techniques are brought to bear upon this ancient murder.

The University of Warwick's 3D Visualisation Group provided a 3D reconstruction of the crime scene, the Theatre of Pompey complex. The model includes the Senate House in which Julius Caesar was walking when he was stabbed to death.

The computerised 3D model was created from detailed site surveys, measurement and archaeological forensic work led by the University?s School of Theatre Studies and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB).

The documentary comes from the makers of the popular programme "Who Killed Tutankhamun". The documentary and the University's 3D work will be featured in the Sunday Times Magazine on Sunday 9 March 2003.

For further information on eLab's 3D Visualisation Group and the Pompey Project see the Research Support Services news page