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Catering Refurbishment Works

Originally published 15 September 2003

Warwick Hospitality have announced that VIVA, EAT and the Westwood Restaurant will all be getting a make-over this month. They are hoping to increase capacity and the speed and quality of service accross the board whilst taking the opportunity to brighten up the Westwood Restaurant.

We are assured that disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum and it is expected that the benefits will outweight the inconvenience. There will be new menus, clearer signage and better "Meal Deals".

During the first month of term keep your eyes peeled for your "Reward Card" - you can earn yourself free drinks and meals in all Warwick Hospitality outlets.

For details of the improvements to, and temporary closure of, each outlet see below:

  • VIVA
    During the refurbishment Warwick Hospitality will operate an express service from a temporary unit in Rootes Reception. You'll still be able to get all your favourites freshly made by the VIVA team. This service will operate from Thursday 18 September til Tuesday 23 September. Once re-opened we should expect quicker service, more equipment and an improved shop and service layout.
  • EAT
    EAT will close on Friday 19 September and re-open on Tuesday 23 September for lunch. New lunch and evening menus will be launched on Saturday 27 September and we can also expect longer opening hours on Thursday and Friday nights. We'll really notice the new signature dishes and improved facilities for making warm salads.
  • Westwood
    During the refurbishments(Monday 22 - Friday 26 September) Westwood Restaurant will still operate a limited service from the Surfers Bar. From the start of the new term the restaurant will be open on Saturdays between 9am and 2pm.
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