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Heronbank - Update on the New Student Residence

Originally published 19 September 2003

Work on the North Court of the new Heronbank student residence, the first block of 335 rooms due to be released for the start of the new academic year, is drawing to a close. Staff from Warwick Accommodation, Warwick Hospitality and Estates are working flat out to make sure that the residence is just as good as promised. The rooms are being finished and fitted out with furniture and given a final polish.

Difficulties with construction have meant that some of the rooms are not finished. This means that some of the postgraduate students due to move in at the start of term will be spending their first weeks at the University in off-campus accommodation. All Heronbank students have been advised in advance that the University has made arrangements to accommodate them in nearby hotels until their rooms are ready.

The students will be living in their flat groups, and will be accompanied by their Residential Tutor at the hotels and every effort is being made to ensure that disruption of the student experience is kept to a minimum.

Paul Greatrix, Director of Student and Ancilliary Services, explained “Detailed plans have been prepared to ensure that everyone moving into Heronbank, including those briefly based in hotels, will receive lots of care and attention.”

Transport to and from campus, meals, luggage, storage, laundry and telephone and IT access for those in hotels has been arranged. Students have already been contacted with information and will be given a detailed briefing when they arrive.

Paul Greatrix was at pains to emphasise that “Everyone is doing all they can to make the arrival and induction experience for students as painless as possible.

The students will be relocated to Heronbank, in their flat groups, as and when their rooms are ready. Once they are settled they’ll find themselves in a carefully designed and laid out residence only a few minutes walk from main campus. All the rooms are ensuite with a shared kitchen and lounge. Heronbank is also the first University residence to offer lifts and card-controlled security access.

Heronbank’s Warden, Henna Veitch, and her team of Resident Tutors, are prepared to welcome the incoming postgraduate students and offer them all the support and assistance that they need during this period of transition.

  Henna Veitch – Warden

Henna Veitch is the newly appointed Warden of Heronbank. Prior to her appointment at Warwick, Henna was a Deputy Warden at Leeds University for a number of years. Henna also works for Warwick Accommodation. She is happy to be taking on the role of Warden and says she is “looking forward to the challenge” of the coming year.

  David Haggart – Resident Tutor

David Haggart is a first year PhD student who completed his undergraduate Chemistry degree at Warwick, and has been heavily involved in many aspects of sporting life at the University. He will take up the role of Resident Tutor for the first time this year in Heronbank.

  Rebecca Hayes – Resident Tutor

Becca is new to the post of Resident Tutor. She is starting a PhD in Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century English Literature at the University, having previously completed her MA at Warwick. Before that Becca was at Oxford University as an undergraduate student.

  Sally Lui – Resident Tutor

Sally worked as a Resident Tutor in Hurst for a year prior to her appointment to Heronbank Hall. She is currently doing a PhD in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies and is now in her final year.

  Nathan Morris – Reident Tutor

Nathan is entering his fifth year of residential support at the University, having worked in Rootes, Hurst and, most recently, as a Cryfield Sub Warden. He holds a PhD from Warwick, and studied here as an undergraduate. Nathan currently works as the Teaching Administrator for the Economics department.

  Tracy Playle – Resident Tutor

Tracy is an experienced Resident Tutor having worked at both Keele and Warwick Universities with students from all backgrounds. Previously she was Sub Warden of Cryfield 2. Tracy is also the University's Assistant Communications Officer, working full time in the Communications Office.

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