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Keith Cowling - Festschrift Volume

Keith Cowling receiving his Festschrift volume
Keith Cowling receiving his
Festschrift volume
Originally published 9 October 2003

On the evening of Friday 26 September Keith Cowling's friends and colleagues presented him with a festschrift volume entitled Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance to celebrate the thirty plus years that Keith has spent at the University.

Keith has been a professor in the Department of Economics since 1970 and was a member of Senate for twenty-one years. He has inspired many students within his chosen field of Industrial Economics.

About twenty of Keith's PhD students and co-authors came to the presentation and celebration dinner. Professor Michael Waterson, the book's editor, presented him with a copy.

Thirteen distinguished contibutors from a variety of international universities contributed to the book, including Warwick's own Alessandra Canepa, Dennis Leech, Robin Naylor, Paul Stoneman and Michael himself. Michael Shattock, the University's former Registar also contributed a chapter.

Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance covers three broad themes, each associated with a particular strand of Keith Cowling's own writings in industrial economics and each represented by four specially commissioned essays.

Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance: essays in honour of Keith Cowling - Edited by Michael Waterson (Edward Elgar Publishing)

ISBN: 1-84376-089-4