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University says 'On yer bike' to staff

bike week

bike 2 work

Originally Published 14 May 2003

No, not an insult, but part of University efforts to promote cycling to campus. As part of the National Bike to Work Week (organised by, the University will be holding a staff 'Bike to Work' day on Monday 16th June.

Any member of staff cycling into work on that day can collect a ticket to entitle them to a free breakfast in Viva or Rootes Restaurant and, for the first twenty members of staff, a free bicycle service courtesy of Campus Cycles.

To claim your ticket, cycle to Car Park 7, park your bicycle there or in another University bike park and collect your ticket from Richard Hicks of Campus Cycles who will be present in Car Park 7 all day from 0815 - 1600, conducting bicycle services.

Bike to Work Day is all part of a wider move by the University to encourage alternate means of transport to the campus. The day is just one small part of a wider package, shortly to be announced including a bid to the Department of Transport for improved bicycle signage, increased bicycle paths and state of the art covered bicycle parking.

Organised by the Bicycle Working Group, a sub group of the University's Environment Committee, the event will hopefully be the first of several promotions. The Committee also encourages cyclists to ensure that their bike is secure on campus. Campus Cycles, operating in the Students' Union on Wednesdays and Fridays are currently fitting free security tags to all bikes where staff spend £20 or more on the most secure form of bicycle D-lock.

For more information on bike security contact

For more information on National Bike to Work Week visit

For more information on the Bicycle Working Group see the University's environment site