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research-tv: traffic, nanotechnology and happiness

Originally Published 18 June 2003

The final programme in the pilot phase of research-tv aired yesterday. This week’s release included stories on nanotechnology and Britain’s transport crisis. Warwick’s contribution to this broadcast comes in the form of Andrew Oswald talking on the economics of happiness.

research-tv will be taking a break over the summer to allow the partner institutions to evaluate the project and build on its success. Filming and broadcasting will resume in the autumn term.

In the meantime the website will remain live and all the archive stories and footage will be available.

Current Programmes:

  • Microengines: The Batteries of the Future
  • Job Satisfaction Depends on Happiness
  • Britain's Transport Crisis: The True Costs


  • Defusing the waste timebomb
  • New Assessments of Risk Tolerance could Massively Benefit Stock Market
  • Another thing the Romans gave us - Virtual Reality!
  • Government Policies are Failing Britain's Workforce
  • Youth Crime - A thin line between Offender or Victim
  • King's College launches Incisive Review of UN Peacekeeping Operations
  • Risking the Mummy's Curse!
  • Young Voters - Interested in Politics not Politicians
  • From DNA Structure to Stem Cells - 50 years of Controversial Research
  • US Air Force turns to UK University to protect Satellite Communications
  • Ford Motor Company Invests in Automotive Research
  • 'The war with Iraq- A refugee crisis waiting to happen'
  • Cardiff University - Still Fighting the Cold War