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Big Bash University Challenge - Battle of the Sexes

Furrowed brows at the 2002 competition

Furrowed brows at the 2002 competition

Originally Published 23 June 2003

The tension is growing as this year’s Big Bash University Challenge competitors prepare for the battle of the sexes grudge match on Friday.

This year the boys are competing against the girls, but the rivalry is as keen as ever.

Who's Playing this Year?

The girl’s team is captained by Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Susan Bassnett and she will be ably supported by Cathy Charlton, the University’s Administrative Secretary, Dr Jacqueline Labbe, a Reader in the English Department and Dr Alison Rodger from the Department of Chemistry.

The boy’s team has Dr Jonathan Nicholls, the Registrar, at the helm with Paul Greatrix, Director of Student and Ancillary Services, Dr Ian Tuersley, Warwick Manufacturing Group, and John Gilmore, from the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, on his team.

Susan Bassnett, Cathy Charlton, Jonathan Nicholls and Paul Greatrix are old hands at the event having taken part last year when the academics won by a narrow margin over the administrative team.

John Gilmore is himself no stranger to the format as he took part both in the television quiz as a student and in the recent University Challenge Reunited series.


Paul Greatrix explained to insite how he has been preparing for the big day –

“Unfortunately work pressures have prevented our team's fact-finding mission to the Caribbean (originally scheduled for weeks 1-8 of the summer term), but we have been emailing Paxman for advice and taking it in turns to memorise the Daily Mirror 'Big Book of Facts' (as used to such devastating effect by our mentors, Rik, Neil, Mike and Viv when they represented Scumbag College in the 80s).”

Caribbean Round

The competition will take the same form as last year with the addition of a special Caribbean-themed round hosted by special guest Rustie Lee.

Jackie Labbe, from the girl's team, has said "What with Exam Boards and exam marking, I'm looking forward to University Challenge as it will allow me to have some fun and display my almost complete lack of knowledge about the Caribbean!"

I’m sure that you’ll all join insite in wishing both teams the best of luck and hoping for an entertaining and close competition. Come along to the Big Bash to see it for yourselves.

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