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Job Interview Guarantee Programme (JIGS)

Originally published 27 November 2003

The University of Warwick is currently working with Coventry City Council on it’s ‘Working for Canley’ project. The project is funded from a Government initiative called the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF). The main aim is to support those residing in deprived areas such as Canley. The project started in January 2003 and will last for fifteen months. During this time it aims to assist those who are unwaged, unemployed or underemployed to access training, learning and employment opportunities in order to increase prosperity within the Canley area.

The University is participating in the Job Interview Guarantee Scheme (JIGS) which is one aspect of the project. This 4-week programme is intended to encourage local people to apply for jobs. It is aimed at those who have been long term unemployed, under-employed and women returning to work. The programme provides guidance and assistance enabling residents to put together strong application forms, perform well at interviews, meet managers from local organisations, improve their basic skills and develop their confidence to return to the working place.

Every successful participant of the programme would be guaranteed a Job Interview!

Warwick Hospitality, Warwick Conferences and the Estates Office consider this to be a very worthwhile scheme and have committed themselves to interviewing any residents who successfully complete the programme for their particular vacancies.

On Friday 10th October 2003, Brian Healy, Director of Training and Conference Centres, Bua Malamalatabua, Recruitment Manager for Warwick Hospitality, and Chris Campbell and David Wilson from the Estates Office attended the JIGS programme. They gave an overview of what jobs Warwick has to offer, skills required to undertake such roles, why Warwick is a great place to work at, outlined employer expectations and encouraged the residents to apply for our vacancies.

The intention is to help spread the word that the University has a variety of jobs to offer at all levels and being so closely located to Canley we should be able to fill some of our vacancies from the local population.

For more details on the JIGS scheme or other parts of the “Working for Canley” project contact Julie Rawlinson in the Personnel Office on 02476 572913 or at

The University is working hard to build on and develop its existing links with the local community, including supporting schools and Warwick Volunteers student initiatives.

For more information about Warwick Volunteers contact Jamie Darwen, Project Manager, at

For more information about our existing and developing links with the local community contact Trevor Seeley, Community Relations Manager, at