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Hanging on the Telephone

Student Callers
Student Callers
Originally Published 01 December 2003

Since the University of Warwick Annual Fund was set up in 1997, over £1,350,000 has been pledged with last year’s campaigns raising over £350,000

Monday 20th October saw the start of the 22nd Annual Fund Telephone Campaign. As the new Telephone Campaign Manager, Faye Jennings works with an enthusiastic team of 60 student callers and is excited to have taken on this challenging role. The student callers contact Warwick graduates, keeping them in touch with the University and raising money for the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund exists to support the areas of greatest need in the University, and includes WGA scholarships and unrestricted support for important programmes. The main focus of recent years has been to raise more money and significantly increase the number of scholarships available to financially disadvantaged students. Without such scholarships many of the scholars would suffer immense financial difficulty whilst studying, if they were able to attend university at all.

Through the hard work and dedication of the Development & Alumni Relations Office (DARO) staff and the student calling team (which includes a number of WGA scholars), the telephone campaign has continued to attract more support each year. Donations from Warwick graduates are currently supporting 190 WGA scholarships, with staff from the DARO office themselves supporting a scholarship. In July this year the first 19 WGA scholars graduated!

25% of the graduates that we speak to donate to the Annual Fund, based on this we estimate that by the year 2007 we will have supported at least 400 scholarships!

The students on the calling team really appreciate the support of University members.

If you would like to visit one of our calling shifts in the Council Chamber, please email

If you would like further information on the Annual Fund, please email

“The scholarship that I received from the University enabled me to take full advantage of the opportunities presented at Warwick. I was able to pursue my academic studies without undue worry caused by my financial circumstances. Without the scholarship my experience here would have been very different and I am not sure I would have survived financially.”

Simon Parkes, WGA Scholar
English Literature 2000-03