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Managed Learning Environment

Originally Published 02 December 2003

The Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a recently launched programme to make Warwick a leader amongst UK universities in the provision of on-line services and information for staff and students. The programme is in its early stages and is consolidating existing services and adding new services to the current my.insite web site. We have already made significant steps in providing on-line services to students such as on-line module registration and enrolment.

New services, including the provision for course timetables and module mark information, were successfully piloted early in the Autumn term with a group of approximately 500 students. These services are now available to all students from within the my.insite web site, accessed from the University’s home page. The personal information page includes students home and term time contact addresses, and their emergency contact information. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure this is up to date, and there will be active encouragement to do so.

Course timetables are made available through the information already provided by the central timetabling office. Making course timetables available to students therefore involves no additional work for either the student or their department (although further work will be required before the system is fully personalised for every student).

The system is also very secure, using the same software as that used to set up direct debit payments online, to ensure that students can only view their own data. However, those departments that need to be able to view and amend the data, such as a student’s home department or the Academic Office, can still access the data they need.

The programme is being directed by the MLE Steering Group, chaired by Paul Greatrix, which includes representatives from all faculties and the Students’ Union. In the coming three months the programme expects to have completed the developments to make exam timetable information available on the web, ready in time to be used for the summer examinations, and provide staff with additional tools to aid communication with students.

These are just the first steps in a large programme of work intended to improve and provide a wide range of online services to staff and students at Warwick.