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It was through hard work... Ricky Morris PhD after 16 years!

Originally Published 27 January 2004
Richard Morris
Richard Morris

At Wednesday’s Winter Degree Congregation one face will stand out amongst the many worthy graduands. Richard Morris from the department of Physics will receive his PhD scroll after sixteen years at the University.

Dr. Richard Morris, affectionately known as Ricky by friends and colleagues, started his life at University of Warwick sixteen years ago as a trainee technician in the Department of Physics.

Being exposed to this new world of electromagnetic waves, fluid dynamics, mass spectrometry was certainly daunting for the then 16-year-old, who had made an impression on his interviewers with his attitude and enquiring mind. After spending three to four months working in each group area within the department as part of his training, Richard eventually found his niche in the semi-conductor research group.

While working in the Department, Ricky who professes he was never previously academically interested decided to follow an academic career and has done so with unwavering drive and determination.

In 1998, whilst continuing his work at Warwick, he was awarded his BSc in Applied Physics at Coventry University, gaining distinctions and merits in all his modules.

He then progressed to a MSc at the University of Warwick, which was subsequently upgraded to a PhD after one year on account of his excellent performance. All this was undertaken part-time while juggling full-time work responsibilities. On Wednesday he will see the fruit of 5 years of hard work.

Ricky credits the support and encouragement of his work colleagues as instrumental in getting him this far with their motivation and advice. He particularly recalls the words of his PhD Supervisor, Professor Evan Parker. 'My job is to get in your way' which acted as a mantra challenging him and boosting him to work harder. He commends the Department as a whole, which encourages and embraces talent and potential.

A self-confessed workaholic, who believes in getting the job done no matter what it takes, Dr Morris is known for his prowess on the football field and his cheerful countenance.

Colleagues from the Department proudly speak of his success: -

“Ricky is very popular with his colleagues and always cheerful. He trains new staff, visiting users and students in the use of some of the department’s advanced analytical equipment and is an excellent communicator.

“Once people meet him they don’t forget him. He has never faltered -kept on working hard and journeying upwards all they way. We are all proud of him

From technician to academic, Dr Richard Morris is the epitome of the phrase ‘with hard work comes success and the hard work won’t stop on Graduation Day. Richard explains 'My path has been pretty mapped out since I have been here. I am not sure what’s next. I’m currently looking at engaging with new projects and maybe getting some publications out-just basically keeping my options open.'