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Trixie's Rowing Challenge

Trixie Gadd
Trixie Gadd
Originally Published 06 February 2004

Before Christmas we bought you news of Trixie’s Global Challenge.

Trixie, Undergraduate Programme Manager in the Warwick Business School, will embark upon a round-the-world sailing challenge on October 3rd with a crew of inexperienced sailors. Needing to raise almost £27,000 for the berth fee, and as much money as she can for the race-charity Save the Children, Trixie has been holding a series of fund-raising events. One of her most ambitious yet will happen in the Piazza on Monday 9th February.

Using a rowing machine provided by the fitness suite, Trixie will row 30,000m. This is the metre equivalent of the distance in miles around the world.

“So far I’ve managed 15km in one sitting so I’m half way there,” says Trixie, who has been busily preparing for both the rowing and sailing challenges. “I reckon it’s going to take between 2.5 and 3 hours for 30km, and I’ll be starting around 11.30am.”

Trixie would welcome all the support she can get. Why not drop in over your lunch hour to watch her as she undertakes this mammoth rowing challenge? Sponsorship forms are available from Trixie now (email, or on the day. Half of all funds raised on the day will go to charity and half to Trixie’s berth fee.

For more information about Trixie’s Global Challenge, visit her website