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Sports Week 2004 - Week 10

Originally Published 08 March 2004
Sports Week 2004
Sports Week 2004

Sports week is here! This is your chance to have a go at a new sport, or take part in one of many fun and novel events.

The week kicked off this weekend with the Superstars Challenge, and continues throughout the week. Highlights of the week will be the anti-superstars challenge and a series of World Record attempts.

Activities include human inflatable bowling, an aerobathon, 7-hours of continuous netball, polo on a wooden horse in the Piazza, a sports quiz, gliding, trampolining, and a RAG 5-a-side football charity tournament. Wednesday is also varsity day where Warwick and Coventry Universities will ignite their annual sporting rivalry as they compete for the Varsity Shield.

The World Record attempts are not to be missed. Students will endeavour to break the record for the fastest time to eat 3 cream crackers, the furthest distance travelled by a tiddlywink, the fastest time to push an orange 1 mile with your nose, and the fastest round of golf.

For full details look out for the Sports Week booklets around campus, or visit the Students’ Union website