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On Campus Accommodation Survey - Win a Free Meal

Originally Published 26 April 2004

This is your chance to have your say about how your on campus accommodation has been this academic year. What's worked really well? What needs improving?

Take the opportunity to improve things for future students, or even yourself if you're continuing your studies and may be returning to live on campus...

Not enough to tempt you? What about the chance to win one of 500 meal deal offers (each to the value of £3.00) from Bar Food or Rootes Restaurant? Just think, in the run up to exams a night without cooking or washing up - or a break from the Library!

Fill in the survey here:

The survey is only for those students resident on campus and requires a university ID number for authentication purposes. Non resident students will not be permitted access. The survey is run annually and provides residents with the opportunity to feedback and comment on various aspects of their accommodation and the service they have received.