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Warwick's First Student Publication

Originally Published 04 May 2004
Harriet Mann
Harriet Mann

Lights, camera, action!

Warwick students are charting waves in the publishing industry with their first ever published volume of fiction, Love and Other Human Tragedy.

Designed and co-ordinated by a group of ambitious, dedicated and hard-working undergraduates with a passion for writing, Love and Other Human Tragedy is a charming book of tales that returns to the roots of story telling.

Each short story is based on the author’s interpretation of international folktales from places as far away as the middle of the desert and the beginning of time. From medieval France to aboriginal dreamtime, Love and Other Human Tragedy takes you on a whirlwind journey from one captivating realm to the next on the skilful craft of the students’ imagination.

Book of folktales
Book of folktales
Professor Michael Bell, an internationally acclaimed literary author, awards Love and Other Human Tragedy his seal of approval describing the captivating tales as an “ingenious and sympathetic re-working of folk material”.

Author of one of the short stories, 19-year old English Literature student Harriet Mann, expresses her thrill at seeing her work in print, “This project has given me an opportunity I would never have imagined possible at this early stage in my writing career”.

The stories have so captured the imagination of the students that they are being developed into a piece of engaging physical theatre which will be taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. This will bring actors, musicians, singers, and directors under the umbrella of a project that has proved the communal power of story telling.

Love and Other Human Tragedy hits the shops from 6 May 2004 with a book launch in the Warwick Arts Centre Book store.