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One World Week 2010

One World WeekThe world's largest student run international event - One World Week - returns to campus between the 22nd and 30th January for its annual celebration of the world’s mosaic of cultures.

Now in its 15th year, the nine day event offers an array of interactive entertainment ranging from thought provoking discussions in the One World Forum to nail bitingly tense drama from One World Arts and the blood and thunder of the One World Sports tournaments. 

Starting from a small-scale project in 1995, this annual event at the University of Warwick grew rapidly to be eventually regarded as the World’s Largest Student-run International Event, involving 120 nationalities, over 240 volunteers and more than 25,000 participants.

"One World Week's primary objective is to celebrate the beauty of our world's diversity. It is entirely dedicated to an inspiring exploration of cultures, of the human being and of his world. Over the years it has come to be the most important international student festival...I ardently encourage initiatives of this kind."

Honourable Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations.

One World Week Each day, the action starts early and continues long past sundown as One World Festival celebrates the international traditions and festivities of cultures worldwide, with passionate entertainment ranging from the glamorous catwalk of the Fashion Show to the raw energy and enthusiasm of the Carnival.

One World Arts

The highlight of One World Arts will be the World Music Concert, a collaboration of musical performance from Warwick University's most talented musicians, adopting influences from genres and cultures from all over the world. The concert will include performances by the eclectic ‘One World Week World Music Ensemble’, Drumestra and the Chamber Choir to an external guest performance by Bluey Robinson.

One World Arts events will include an array of world music, film, dance and theatre.

One World Week Forum

One World Forum

One World Forum, an integral element of OWW, provides an opportunity to listen to talks and participate in discussions and aims to promote awareness of diverse issues affecting our world.

Forum 2010 will discuss topics such as: Re-engaging with the developing world post-crisis; Freedom vs. Security; and Central and Eastern Europe in Limbo.

Speakers include:

  • Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz (Current Senator and Former Prime Minister, Poland, Polish Government)
  • Hans-Peter Martin (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Gareth Thomas (Minister of State for International Development)
  • Paul Collier (World renowned development economist and author of the Bottom Billion)

One World WeekOne World Festival

The One World festival highlights different regions of the world on each day: AustralAsia; the Americas and Caribbean; Europe; the Middle East and Africa; and the UK and Ireland.

The Festival hosts the day and night entertainment and it includes the very popular Fashion Show, Busta Move Carnival and World Party – all three are spectacles of colour and energy; displaying dances, costumes and music from various cultures. Other highlights include the International Food Festival and One World Week's own version of Eurovision.

One World Sports

Through tournaments, competitions, matches and workshops, One World Sports promotes both cultural and racial integration as well as sport itself. Furthermore, One World Week has recently been working in cooperation with Right to Play, a humanitarian organisation aiming to bring sports to the most disadvantaged individuals in the world. The sports element of OWW has never ceased to be a point of interest not just for Warwick but across universities in the UK as well.

One World Week 2010 is pleased to host a performance in the Piazza from World Champion Football Freestyler, John Farnworth.

iphone.jpgOne World Week iPhone App

This year the One World team have developed an iPhone App to keep you updated with all the events going on as well as sharing some of the history behind One World.

One World Week is an independent organisation with a non-for-profit initiative that aims to stimulate personal development and inspire a view based on acceptance and appreciation of the world’s cultures.

On previous occasions One World Week has had the honour of listening to speakers such as Professor Raghuram Rajan (Chief Economist, IMF), Stephen Tindale (Executive Director, Greenpeace UK), Trevor Nelson (MTV presenter and BBC Radio 1 DJ) and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder, Art of Living Foundation).