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Exams and Graduation

The University of Warwick has taken a number of actions to minimise the impact of the current industrial action on examinations and the award of degrees:


All exams are proceeding as normal. All students have been advised to continue revision and prepare for examinations as they had planned.

In the few instances where staff have not provided examination papers alternative arangements have been made and exams are going ahead.

Award of degrees

The University Senate, the supreme academic authority of the University, has approved a new temporary University Regulation designed to ensure that all final year students will graduate this summer and their prospects will not be damaged by the AUT industrial action.

The new temporary Regulation will ensure fair treatment for all candidates and is entirely consistent with current practice. It follows long-established principles for the award of aegrotat degrees where some marks are missing (due, for example, to absence from an examination for medical reasons).

Classified and Unclassified Degrees

Under the new Regulation Boards of Examiners have the right to reach any decision they would normally reach, including the award of a classified degree (if there is sufficient evidence available). Alternatively, they may decide to award an unclassified Honours degree if more than 30% of marks from examinations or other pieces of assessed work are missing because they are being withheld by AUT members. In some cases, even where more than 70% of marks are presented, Boards may still determine that an unclassified degree should be awarded (if, for example, one or two core module marks are missing). The Regulation ensures that the Boards of Examiners meetings will proceed as normal.

Once the full marks profiles are available for all candidates (after the suspension or conclusion of the AUT industrial action) Boards of Examiners will meet again to make decisions on classifications for all those who received unclassified degrees and to review all previous classification decisions. New, and final, degree certificates will then be issued to those affected.

It is important to stress that, in the case of students who receive a classified degree and whose marks are then reconsidered, the new Regulation stipulates that any changes to the degree class awarded can only be to the student's benefit, i.e. there will be no lowering of degree classifications.

Academic Standards

The new Regulation is intended to ensure that all students will ultimately achieve the degree they have earned and that standards are maintained.

The new Regulation follows long established principles for award of degrees where marks are missing because of illness.

Summer Degree Congregation

At the Degree Congregation in July graduating students will receive a degree certificate together with a letter explaining the background to the award of unclassified degrees.

Interim transcripts will be issued to graduates in the summer in the normal way. These will be provisional and will be re-issued with the complete set of confirmed marks once these become available.

Communications with employers

The University Careers Service and the Students' Union have been consulting with graduate employers and explaining the situation to them. The Careers Service has issued advice to graduate employers in line with the advice given by the Association of Graduate Recruiters.

The University has explained the revised process for the awarding of degrees to graduate employers and has made reassurances that the new regulation will not affect the standard of degrees awarded.

2006 graduates will not be disadvantaged on the job market.

The University is also providing advice for Postgraduate Admissions Tutors and current postgraduate students.