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Poems on the Underground

London Underground As part of this year's Poems on the Underground programme, a poem, written by Professor David Morley, Director of the Warwick Writing Programme, will be displayed in tube carriages across all London Underground lines throughout February and March 2010.

Displayed alongside poems by Blake, Tennyson and three other contemporary poets, Professor Morley's scientifically themed poem, "Fulcrum" will be viewed by a wide range of Underground passengers - over 3.5 million tube journeys are made each day.

In honour of the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary, the poems selected for display over the next two months reflect contrasting responses from six poets to the astonishing scientific discoveries made between the 18th and 21st centuries. The Royal Society is the world’s oldest scientific academy in continuous existence, and has been at the forefront of enquiry and discovery since its foundation in 1660.

Poems on the Underground was launched in 1986. The programme was the brainchild of American writer Judith Chernaik, whose aim is to bring poetry to the wide ranging audience of passengers on the Underground.

Professor Morley is a trained scientist as a well as writer and editor of over 20 books. He has won 14 awards for his writing and 2 awards for his teaching including a National Teaching Fellowship. His "underground" poem "Fulcrum/Writing a World" takes as its starting point the thinking of William James in Reflex Action and Theism.