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University announces further funding for Leamington Street Marshals

The University of Warwick has announced it will continue to fund the Leamington Street Marshals for a further five years. The scheme helps both safeguard students after a night out and promotes positive community relations by encouraging students to behave responsibly whilst walking through residential areas.

Started in 2013 the scheme is a partnership between the University of Warwick, the Students' Union, Warwick District Council, Warwickshire Police and SafetyNet Security Group and is funded by the University. A similar scheme was launched in Canterbury in 2015 and other towns and cities across the UK are now considering using this model.

Leamington Street Marshals

The Leamington scheme was set up following a pilot in in 2013. Due to the success of the previous scheme, which was highly cost-effective, the University of Warwick has now decided to fund it for a further five years. Professor Stuart Croft Vice-Chancellor of the University said: “We are pleased to announce the further funding of the Street Marshals. The scheme has proven to be an effective method of both supporting our students living in Leamington, and helping to foster improved community relations with Leamington residents.”

Up to eight Marshals operate on Monday to Thursday nights from 11pm to 4am in areas of Leamington frequented by University of Warwick students. They provide pastoral care and protection after pubs and clubs close and encourage students to respect the interests of other residents as they return home. The marshals patrol in pairs of one male and one female. This scheme is an extension of the existing Street Marshals scheme operated in Leamington by the South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership (SWCSP) initially introduced to keep order at taxi ranks but now covering the town centre.

The marshals are trained to intervene early in any situation they face, as the existing town centre Street Marshals do now. They can provide first aid and their pastoral activities will include making sure that vulnerable students get home safely. Luke Pilot President of the University of Warwick’s Student Union (SU) said: “Warwick SU is delighted to see the Street Marshal scheme continuing their work in Leamington. We have appreciated and enjoyed being part of assessing and assisting the Street Marshal’s work and strongly believe the emphasis on promoting and supporting the wellbeing of students and residents while they are out at night is incredibly important. We look forward to continuing the good work of the scheme with our Street Marshals colleagues and facilitating safe and inclusive experiences and spaces for all.”

Councillor Moira-Ann Grainger, Warwick District Council Portfolio Holder, Health & Community Protection added: “I am delighted that the University has confirmed funding for a further five years. Warwick District Council are proud to be associated with this unique scheme helping to make Leamington a safer and friendlier place for both students and residents.”

In September the week and weekend Street Marshals work was highlighted when Leamington was officially recognised for its nightlife. The town was granted Purple Flag status in recognition of its vibrant mix dining, entertainment and culture while promoting safety and wellbeing of visitors and locals. In addition, the scheme has been shortlisted for the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016 which will be announced on 23 November.

16 November 2016

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