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University of Warwick researchers to evaluate trial of new Government parenting classes

ParentingResearchers from the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research (CEDAR) and Warwick Medical School have been commissioned to evaluate a new trial of free parenting classes in England.

As part of the CANparent trial, the Government is offering a £100 voucher to parents of children aged 0-5 in three areas of England; Camden, High Peak in Derbyshire and Middlesbrough.

The two-year evaluation, led by Professor Geoff Lindsay from CEDAR and Professor Jane Barlow from Warwick Medical School, together with colleagues from TNS-BMRB, Bryson Purdon Social Research, and London Economics, will examine whether or not the provision of free parenting classes in the three areas will provide sufficient incentive to providers to start offering the classes nationally.

Professor Lindsay said: “Bringing up a child is one of, if not the most important tasks we carry out. There is now substantial evidence for the effectiveness of evidence based parenting classes. We are delighted to be evaluating this important government initiative which makes support available to all parents in the three trial areas. Our research will provide evidence to inform the development of effective policy, for the benefit of parents and their children across the country."