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Warwick’s X-citing X-mas X-travaganza

kidsIn the spirit of Christmas, the University of Warwick is offering a series of free, public lectures to further spark the community’s interest in science.

On 3rd December, following the sell-out success of last year’s lectures, the Warwick Arts Centre is opening its doors for a week of fantastic new ideas, explosions, experiments and answers to questions taxing the city’s finest minds.

Produced in association with the University of Warwick’s Faculty of Science, the six nights include, ‘A Room with a Boom!’ exploring chemical reactions and ‘How I Accidentally Became a Super-villain.’

Events include demonstrations from exploring our senses and how we hear music, to learning how to play Christmas carols using drinking straws.

Physics Professor Adrian Wilson said; ‘The seminars offer the chance for people, particularly young people, to experience the excitement of science and to get involved in science through volunteering to be part of the demonstrations and experiments.

‘”They have been designed to share the amusement of all areas of the subject, and to illustrate the importance of science.”

For further details about the lectures please visit:

Recommended Age: 8+



For further details about the lectures please visit: