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World Book Night at Warwick

This Saturday is the inaugural World Book Night - a nationwide event which will see one million books be given away by an army of book lovers to members of the public across the UK and Ireland. Head along to Warwick Arts Centre between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday 5 March to see if you can pick up your own free copy of a World Book Night book.

25 different novels have been selected by a committee of people dedicated to books, based on recommendations from publishers and booksellers and there will be 48 copies of each elected novel to give away. The idea behind giving away these books is to stimulate reading and spread the love for books to as wide an audience as possible

Each book will have a WBN number on it, which will be registered on the World Book Night site: It is hoped that book-receivers will read the book, register it online and then pass it onto another reader meaning each person has a role to play in encouraging new readers’ interest in books.

It’s hoped you’ll also be able to follow your own book and see it take on a life of its own passing from hand to hand, city to city and hopefully even country to country. You’ll also be able to exchange ideas and impressions online with other readers.

You can read more about the 25 books and their authors that have been picked for giveaway at