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The University of Warwick celebrates Black History Month with the addition of five portraits from Vanley Burke

The University of Warwick has acquired five portraits by photographer, Vanley Burke.

These photographs will become an integral part of the University's art collection and are a poignant addition as Black History Month draws to a close.

Vanley Burke is a prominent photographer and a key part of the West Midlands’ artistic and cultural scene. His images have been exhibited worldwide and celebrated for their ability to offer a glimpse into the lives of diverse communities.

Sarah Shalgosky, Principal Curator at the University of Warwick said: "Vanley Burke is an important British photographer and his work is a powerful study of the lives of Black people in the West Midlands.

“They are a celebration of vibrant culture and history. We are extremely proud to have images put on display in spaces where students can pass by and really engage with them.”

Vanley Burke said: “I hope the portraits inspire people. It’s important to me that students and artists of the future can interact and engage with my work as they walk around their university campus.”

The five portraits offer a unique and insightful look into the lives of Birmingham residents, capturing moments of everyday life, community gatherings, and significant cultural events.

The photographs will be on display in the University’s state of the art Faculty of Arts building, as well as in other locations across campus for students and the public to see.

The Faculty of Arts Building was recently named a runner up for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize 2023. This new building was part of an ambitious £100m programme of investment in the arts and humanities at The University of Warwick which include a new ‘home’ in the heart of Venice and adding new arts and humanities courses to its prospectus to meet growing demand.