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Inspector Morse Creator Colin Dexter Launches Unique New National Centre

Morse Creator Colin Dexter
Morse Creator
Colin Dexter
Originally Published 26 October 2000

Inspector Morse's creator Colin Dexter will launch a unique new national centre - Warwick Diabetes Care on 15th November 2000. Mr Dexter, himself a diabetic, will explain how Inspector Morse dies as a result of complications relating to diabetes, and how a Centre such as Warwick Diabetes Care will make a real difference to the treatment options available to the UK's Diabetics.

Warwick Diabetes Care, based in the University of Warwick will be launched on 15th November 2000. Warwick Diabetes Care will spearhead significant improvements in the care and treatment of the UK's 2 million diabetics and will deliver a range of courses and degree programmes for health care professionals (over 1,000 professionals in diabetes care have already signed up for courses with the centre).

The new centre will also carry out research into diabetes care and will provide easy access for health care professionals to this new research and other resources and information that will help them to continuously improve the standards of care available for people with diabetes. Over 1 million people in the UK are diagnosed diabetics - and a further million suffer from the effects of the illness without realising that diabetes is at the heart of their illness.

Professor Massimo Massi-Benedetti, Chairman of the International Diabetes Federation's Europe region said:-

"Warwick Diabetes Care is a unique initiative that will provide a model for all of Europe"

Professor Pierre Lef?vbre (Advisor on Diabetes, to WHO - the World Health Organisation) said:

"The establishment of Warwick Diabetes Care is the first time ever we have had an initiative for improving the care of diabetes patients with an infrastructure that links GPs and hospital based staff"

A more detailed release on the timing of the launch will be issued nearer the date.

Link here to Colin Dexter web site

For further details please contact:

Dr Jeremy Dale, Dr Roger Gadsby or Mary MacKinnon via Kate Webb, on 024 7657 2958