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Cherie Booth Launches University of Warwick Designed Pack to Help Children Facing Care Orders

Originally Published 2 July 2001
Cherie Booth QC will launch Power Pack, an information pack designed by the University of Warwick for children and young people subject to law proceedings such as care orders, at a reception in London this evening Monday 2nd July (at Church House, Westminster 6-9pm).

The pack has been produced by Dr Maureen Winn Oakley, NSPCC researcher at the University of Warwick's Law School, with the NSPCC, and the Rights of Children Group (ROC). The pack was funded by CAFCASS the guardian service set up by the Lord Chancellors Department.

The packs, which come as an anonymous A5 ring binder, were designed by Dr Maureen Winn Oakley and 35 young people in the care of Birmingham Social Services based in Handsworth (the ROC Group). The advice from the young people led to two versions of the pack, one for young children and one for young people 10-17 years.

The pack for children under 10 has brightly coloured pictures and text in large print. The pack for young people is more informative. It guides them through their rights, difficult legal jargon, and also acts as an personal organiser to help them keep up with the dates of meetings with their guardians, and legal reps, court dates, and contact details for all those involved in the legal process they find themselves in. Over 20,000 copies of the packs are being made and they will be available to children and young people throughout England and Wales once a court application is made.

Also attending the launch event will be Midlands reggae singer Pato Banton (who himself experienced the care system as a young person), the young people who helped design the packs, Rosie Winterton MP Parliamentary Secretary at the Lord Chancellor's Department, and representatives from the judiciary, barristers, solicitors, magistrates, children's guardians, children's advocates, social workers, policy makers, children's charities, and other researchers. Dr Winn Oakley says "Our research had found that young people often did not understand the legal process that they were involved in We hope this pack will be widely used by children and young people to help them through what is often a confusing and difficult experience.'

For further details please contact:

Dr Winn Oakley , NSPCC researcher University of Warwick's School of Law
Tel 07979 857736


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