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Former Students Pledge £1 Million to University of Warwick

Originally published February 27 2002

A scheme under which former students of the University of Warwick pledge money to support scholarships for less well off current students has just reached the milestone figure of £1 million.

The Fund was first established 5 years. Currently 75 students at Warwick are benefiting from Warwick Graduates Association (WGA) Scholarships funded by the donations received.

Just over 3000 people have pledged money and those people come from many different personal situations in terms of age, employment, etc (youngest donor – 23, oldest – 83). Some give £40 per month, some give £40 per year.

Adam Boddison – a current Warwick student working with the Warwick Graduates Association fund raising team says, “It has been really exciting - we have all been eager to be the one to take the total over the million pound mark.”

The second year Mathematics student also remarked, “I think it’s fantastic that students here now, like me, have the chance to help future students. I want to make sure that the Warwick experience is available to all.”