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Major US Management Research Award Goes To European For First Time

Originally published 20 August 2002

At the annual meeting of the US Academy of Management in Denver, Colorado, Professor Andrew Pettigrew was presented with the Distinguished Scholar Award. The award for 'significant scholarly contributions that have advanced management knowledge and practice', is seen as a recognition of a lifetime's work rather than an acknowledgement of one particular piece of work.

Professor Pettigrew said, "This is a notable occasion for me personally but it has a wider significance for Warwick Business School and indeed for all management researchers in Europe. This is the 20th year the award has been made but it is the first occasion the award has been made to a European scholar."

In presenting the award, Professor Joanne Martin of the Graduate School of Management, Stanford University in California, said, "Whether he studies a large chemical corporation, boards of directors, the Sebei people in Uganda, or the National Health service in the UK, this year's winner blends a respect for theory with love of data and juggles a concern for scholarly precision with abiding commitment to helping organisations function more effectively and humanely."