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University of Warwick Designer Polymer Company Wins Business Equivalent of Pop Idol Competition

Originally Published 23 September 2002
Researchers Devise Process to Make Designer Plastics for Hairspray
Professor David Haddleton

A University of Warwick spin-out company specialising in designer polymers has won the prestigious Enterprise Launch Pad award at this year's Cambridge Enterprise Conference.

The company, Warwick Effect Polymers, wins £5,000 but also importantly gives them entrance to a "deal day" where a select group of companies get the opportunity to pitch for investment in their business to a group of key venture capitalists and other potential investors.

Warwick Effect Polymers, a spin-out from Warwick University, is developing its patented technology to produce polymers with far greater control and precision. Polymers feature in all areas of life, from shampoo to inkjet printer ink, from contact lenses to mobile phone displays, and from medicines to cosmetics. The control over production that Warwick Effect Polymers can achieve makes it possible to tailor polymers exactly to fit their application, resulting in better products and greater efficiency of production.

'We are delighted to have won' said Professor David Haddleton, founder and CEO of Warwick Effect Polymers. "This gives us vital new opportunities to network and raise new funds to expand our business."

"The Conference is all about building new businesses," says John Snyder, Chairman of the Cambridge Enterprise Conference. 'Many of the new businesses we have seen are working on technologies that will make a difference to all our lives in the future.'

For further details please contact:

Professor David M Haddleton, Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd

University of Warwick

Tel: 024 76 523256 email

or Dr Ederyn Williams,
Warwick Ventures

Tel: 024 7632 3315

A press release giving more detail on Warwick Effect Polymers can be seen