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The Duke of York Sees How Smart Ideas Become Vibrant Businesses in Visit to Warwick Science Park

Originally published 23 June 2003

His Royal Highness The Duke of York visited the University of Warwick Science Park on Monday 23rd of June 2003 to see how the University’s Science Park and the University’s Technology transfer arm – Warwick Ventures are turning research and other bright technology ideas into vibrant successful businesses.

His Royal Highness saw how engineers from the University of Warwick have created Dig-ePrint Ltd, a spin-off company from the University of Warwick now based on the Science Park. It recently received the prestigious Lord Stafford Award for innovation for its work which brings access to high quality low cost digital photo processing to the smallest retail outlets.

His Royal Highness also was shown how Warwick Effect Polymers Limited, another spin-off company from the University of Warwick now based in a new purpose built lab on the Science Park, uses research by University of Warwick Chemistry researcher Professor David Haddleton to create designer polymers for use in everything from hair spray, to ink jet printers and the latest hi tech medical materials market.

His Royal Highness found that even Arts research at the University is finding a commercial market as his tour also included a demonstration by University of Warwick Theatre Studies researcher Professor Richard Beacham, and the Univeristy 3D visualisation group e-lab, who demonstrated how 3D virtual reality technology is being used by the company Theatron to provide commercial software for teachers and researchers interested in ancient theatres, and how modern theatres are also using the technology to model and reshape their environment.

His Royal Highness used his visit to the University and its Science Park to help celebrate the success of such companies by handing over a Queen’s Award for Innovation to University of Warwick Science Park based company Micropathology Ltd. The company was created in February 1995 by Dr Colin Fink and Dr David Burnett specialises in research relating to infectious disease and host responses to infection.

His Royal Highness was also delighted to use his visit to launch an initiative that will create even more such technology based companies. His visit concluded with him formally launching InvoRed. This is an innovative new programme from Connect Midlands (part of Warwick Ventures) which will support the investment readiness of technology based small and medium sized companies SMEs in the Objective 2 areas of the East Midlands, with the aim of bringing investment into such technology companies.