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Dancing Queen Graduate Gives Birth Twice and Launches Dance School While Studying for Degree

Originally published 9 July 2003

Donna Lee, a mature student from Nuneaton who has juggled four years of study with the birth of two children and the launch of the Lee Academy, her own Dance and Drama school, will graduate from the University of Warwick with a 2+2 Social Studies degree on Friday 11th July.

Donna went straight into being a dancer after finishing her GCSEs. Unfortunately injuries forced her to change direction and she then worked as a Primary School Dance and Drama teacher for seven years.

Having always wanted to achieve a degree but not sure how to go about it Donna went along to Nuneaton College and found out about the 2+2 Degree Programme. The course provides over 21 year olds without formal qualification the chance to gain a degree through two years’ study at the local college and a further two years at the University of Warwick.

The two years at Nuneaton College boosted Donna’s confidence, and gave her the skills to study at degree level. Now, having completed her degree, Donna is now enrolling on a conversion course to transfer her degree into a straight psychology degree. She then plans to take an MA in Educational Psychology.

Donna Lee said: ‘I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, so the Social Studies course really suited me as I could choose different modules including, Politics and Psychology, Business Studies, or Sociology.’

Yet, Donna maintains her love of dance through her dance school. The Lee Academy is based in a village around Nuneaton. Donna is thrilled to be able to run the Academy, whilst continuing her education. Donna Lee continued: “Doing a degree is possible without A levels, and if you’re prepared to make the commitment to four years of study, don’t let childcare issues put you off!”

Photo and interview opportunity: Donna Lee will graduate from the University of Warwick on Friday 11th July. A photo and interview will take place at the back of Senate House at 12.15pm.


Donna Lee: 01455 213627 

Jenny Murray, Communications Office,
University of Warwick: 07876 217740

The 2+2 degree is a full-time programme specifically designed for adults who lack formal qualifications and who wish to return to education. It allows individuals to study locally for a university degree and enhance their career prospects.