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The Birth of the University Environment Network

Originally published 22 March 2004

This week sees the start of a new initiative to reduce waste resources on the University’s campus, The Environment Network.

Comprised of dedicated environmentalists - staff and students – this new environmental group has developed out of a desire to play a more active role in the recycling of waste products such as paper, card, newspapers, cans and bottles with the overall aim of minimising the University’s affect on global warming.

The adopted motto of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle is one used by environmental pressure groups in the fight against incineration and landfill, which emit CO? and other harmful emissions in the atmosphere.By reducing, re-using and recycling more resources are saved from destruction, energy is saved and the manufacturing of pollution is kept at a minimal.

The Network seeks to work with established environmental advocates at the University such as the Students’ Union society People and Planet and the Bicycle User’s Group, in becoming a real force for change in environmental awareness and practices at the University.

So far there are 40 members of the network, but the eventual aim is to have at least one ‘environmental champion’ in every department of the University.

To get involved simply turn up to the network’s first meeting.

The inaugural meeting of the network is Wednesday 31st March 2003 at 12.30 in the Sutherland Staff Lounge.

Contact Joy Warren at